About Lollodoo

Lollodo is based in Cape Town and is a supplier of retail baking industry products. Our trendy store brings you the latest fashion in cake decorating, with moulds, onlays, stencils, cutters and much more. Our products will help the new, the experienced and the impressionists to bake the most impressive cakes! The company was founded in 2012 by Christa Behnke with a mission to bring you the latest products as soon as they are launched in the USA and Europe. We feature an online store as well and only stock original products - no imitations!

Specialists in Baking Supplies

Cake decorating is a wonderful way to transform a plain cake into a more visually spectacular work of art. We have a wide range of authentic decorating products to bring out your creative side, limited only by your imagination. You can add impressive decorations to your cakes by using the newest moulds and stencils available from the US and Europe. Arrangements can be as simple or complex as you wish to make it, with single or multiple colours introduced into the moulds for fabulous effects.

Our moulds include lace and various other moulds like face, brooch, bow, teddybear and many more. We also provide a service on request for our customers to order moulds or any other baking supplies that are not freely available. Our products are available exclusively from us locally and easy to use and will make a difference to assist bakers to achieve a new and exciting look to their cakes.

Be inspired by our selection of products available in our online shop!

Our Products

Airbrush paints
Alphabets, tappits, click stix
Baking trays & cake pops
Moulds, plaques & cutters
Cake lace
Chocolate & dessert moulds
Christmas moulds & cutters
Colour board
Cookie & novelty cutters
Flower cutters
Impression mats
Patchwork cutters
Artificial Birds
Wafer paper & edible butterflies